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Body Nourisher

Body Nourisher

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When it comes to skincare routines, most, if not all are catered towards the face. This can leave the whole body ignored, which is absolutely crazy when you remember how much skin is on the rest of our body!

The rest of the body’s skin could be seen to be just as important if not more, there are many ailments that can affect the rest of the body including rashes, itchiness, inflammation etc.

Your body should be moisturised everyday and be given the same respect as your face and hands to avoid unrecoverable health issues. The idea is to prevent rather than cure!

Being comfortable in your skin is what one aspires to, so why not make that skin luscious, smooth and hydrated.

Suitable for the whole body

Supercharged with their formula and quality, AromaClinic's creams work hard to provide deeper levels of hydration, helping to repair the skins protective barrier. They are also rich in ceramides. Ceramides are the building blocks of skin and can be regarded as skin cement. They are found in the uppermost layers of all skin and maintain its integrity. Ceramides not only hydrate, but they also educate skin to repair itself which is a huge benefit.

Our Skin Care range has been formulated for all ages, skin types and the various levels of melanin rich skin tones. Difference in the amount of malanin in your skin also affects skin's capacity of hydration. Darker skin is more prone to dehydration.

Vegan, Organic & High Quality Ingredients

Our Body Nourisher is a nourishing blend of plant oils that hydrate, smooth and softens your body’s skin in all conditions. They're rich in Glycerine and Panthenol (a form of Vitamin B5) which are powerhouse ingredients (humectants) which really know how to pull in water from the atmosphere which help soften and smoothen your skin.

Easily Spreadable & Quickly Absorbed

A little goes a long way with our Body Nourisher, it spreads very easily and it's absorbed very quickly into your skin without leaving cream on the surface and no sticky/greasy after effects.

Another notable feature of our body cream is it's housed in aluminium containers which protect it from sunlight and oxidation, allowing our products to stay fresher for longer!

Fragrance-Free option ideal for: especially formulated for sensitive, dry fragile skin or those who prefer no smell.  Fragrance free products are recommended so that skin is not challenged in any way.  Sensitivity could be due to allergies or intolerances.  The elderly who may have fragile crepy skin will benefit too! It has proved especially moisturising for people going through Chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy medication is known to be very drying.

Enhanced with natural essential oils options:  We have a Lavender and Tea-tree option. It is a super synergistic blend renowned for their medicinal properties to soothe and heal skin. It has a gentle lavender smell.

 We have a rose option too! Our Rose variation is soothing and healing whilst providing a sweet sensual aroma.

Directions of Use

Soon after a shower/bath. That’s when your pores will be slightly open, allowing your skin to easily absorb the cream.


Water, Thistle Oil, Glycerine, Calendula Oil, Shea Butter, Carrot Oil, Jojoba Oil, D Panthenol - proVit B5, Vegan Preservative, Sesame Oil, Vegan Emulsifiers

Rose option - additional Rose Otto essential oil, aroma

Lavender & Tea-Tree option - additional organic essential oils of Lavender & Tea-Tree

Benefits of Ingredients

Thistle oil: has a very high level of essential fatty acids. Moisturises and soothes inflammation.
Calendula oil: has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal qualities. It is therefore calming, soothing and regenerating to damaged and irritated skin.
Carrot oil: natural antioxidant.
Sesame oil: good for sensitive skin and has a natural SPF factor 4.
Shea butter: especially good for dry damaged skin. Contains phytosterols which stimulate skin to regenerate faster. Good for sensitive skin.
Jojoba oil: very similar to the skin’s natural oils. Rich in omega 9. Absorbed into the skin very quickly and slows down the loss of water from the skin.
d-panthenol (Vit B5): excellent moisturiser. Anti-inflammatory and excellent moisturiser
Glycerine: retains moisture.

Size Guide

20ml - Sample - for a patch test

100ml - Our largest size


Is it Vegan? 

Our body nourishers are a 100% Vegan.

Are they good for sensitive skin? 

We make a fragrance-free option which would be suitable for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin on the whole should not be challenged with fragrances (even if they are natural and vegan)! It is useful to have a look at the ingredients. Along with the INCI (International nomenclature) names, we have included the common names on our website.


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