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Our Story

We are a mother and son team running a small business and we absolutely love working together. I (mum/Jay) bring the old and Vivek (my son) brings the new. The Pandemic made us business partners! We are still talking to each other!

Amazon was the only place to make our products available to many. We wanted our quality skincare products to be accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender or skin tone. Skin issues have increased dramatically since the pandemic due to poorer diets, higher amounts of stress and the increased use of below-par skincare products.

We are a small business committed to delivering the absolute best organic and vegan skincare products!

We at AromaClinic, hope that we can help you on your journey to “Connect with Nature”.

If you have any queries, please connect with us. (pardon the pun!)


The brand AromaClinic® was first established in the 1990’s by me, a Holistic Aromatherapist with a Master’s degree in Medicinal Chemistry. I had a private practice seeing clients face to face. I practiced Holistic Aromatherapy and Kinesiology.

I first got into the making of skincare products from my experiences with my own skin troubles. I was diagnosed with Psoriasis from a young age and later Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was fascinated by my own skin, but a little worried too. I researched skin friendly ingredients and experimented with them on me and then the children. There must’ve been something in those products that Vivek has joined me in this venture!



Whenever anyone asks how I got into this line of work, it's always such an easy answer. The truth is I have always been around it. I have grown up using these products as well as helping make them since the age of 5. It started from using lip balms for my notoriously chapped lips to the present day, rubbing balm into my grizzly beard.

I'm somewhat of a scientist myself having a BioMedical Sciences degree but the true mad scientist is my mum. The formulas have stood the test of time which is a testament to the research and development done by her all those years ago.

My aim is to be able to grow the company so we can make and supply good quality skincare products and provide helpful advice to those who need it and help them tap into the amazing benefits of nature.

As our company states we're all about connecting with nature.


Our Mission

Connecting with nature

Nature is innately intelligent. Let’s connect to this intelligence for our journey to well-being.

Jay - Founder

  • Vegan & Organic

    We use on the highest quality vegan & organic ingredients to make our products. There are no fillers. Everything has been added for a reason!

  • For All Ages & Skin Types

    Our products are for everyone! From oily, dry, sensitive to combination skin. We have a product suitable for everyone!

  • No Animal Testing

    None of our products have ever or will ever be tested on animals!

  • Planet Friendly

    All of our products are housed in recyclable containers which also protect the quality of our product.