MYTH: Drinking enough water will automatically hydrate skin.

MYTH: Drinking enough water will automatically hydrate skin.

I wish it were that simple!

Unfortunately there are many reasons for dehydrated skin apart from not drinking enough water. Skin can also get dehydrated due to:

  • stress
  • allergies
  • seasonal changes
  • hard water
  • hormonal aspects (puberty, pre-menopause and menopause)
  • some medications or medical treatments
  • natural depletion of urea, hyaluronic acid and Essential Fatty Acid levels in our skin as we age.  (which are responsible for hydration in our skin) 
  • the above are just a few reasons!

Lock in moisture by using a good moisturiser with  tried and tested skincare  ingredients such as glycerin, vegetable oils rich in ceramides.  Always apply moisturisers on clean pat-dried skin for best results.  If you are using medication wait for 15-20mins after moisturising the skin. It will work more efficiently.

Always use fragrance free products on challenged and fragile skin. 


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